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HTML <abbr> Tag


An abbreviation is marked up as follows:

The <abbr title="World Health Organization" > WHO</abbr> was founded in 1948.

Definition and Usage

The <abbr> tag defines an abbreviation or an acronym, like "HTML", "CSS", "Mr.", "Dr.", "ASAP", "ATM".

Tip: Use the global title attribute to show the description for the abbreviation/acronym when you mouse over the element.

Browser Support

<abbr> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Global Attributes

The <abbr> tag supports the Global Attributes in HTML.

Event Attributes

The <abbr> tag supports the Event Attributes in HTML.

More Examples


 <abbr> can also be used with <dfn> to define an abbreviation:

<p><dfn > <abbr title="Cascading Style Sheets" > CSS</abbr>
</dfn > is a language that describes the style of an HTML document.</p>

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Default CSS Settings

Most browsers will display the <abbr> element with the following default values:


abbr {
  display: inline;