The Speed Coding

HTML Tutorial

A Simple Text Editor is All You Need To Learn HTML.

Learn HTML Using Notepad Or TextEditor

You Can Use Professional Code Editors To Create Or Modify Web Pages.

But Now We Recommend You To Use Windows Notepad Or Any Other Simple Text Editors To Create And Modify HTML Files.

Follow Me And I Will Teach You How To Create Your First Web Page.

STEP 1: Open Notepad (Windows)

Press Windows Button On your Keyboard and Type Notepad and Then Press Enter.

STEP 2: Write HTML

Write This Code Or Just COpy The Following Code In Notepad.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1> My First Heading</h1>
<p> My first paragraph.</p >

</html >


STEP 3: Saving Your HTML Page.

Save The File On Your Computer Simply By Selcting File And Then Save As In The Notepad Menu.

Save As

Name The File Anything You Want But We Recommend Index.html and Set The Encoding to UTF-8

Save As

TIP: You Can Use Either .htm Or .html as File Extension. Your Computer Will Take Both As HTML File.

STEP 4: View Your HTML Page In Browser.

Open Your HTML File In Your Favorite Browser By Double Clicking The File.

The Result Should Look Like This: